Hunches-Collide of the 3rd Kind…

Meet Ernest (on left). My pal for almost 30 years. Technologist at one of the biggest i-Banks.

Ernest and I are avid Star Wars fans. We met up recently over coffee not to discuss the acting in Rogue One; but for some hunches-colliding, WhiteHatGuys-style!

My Renaissance friend’s interested to pick my brain on compliance topics; whilst I solicited his expertise to enhance the interface of

Thanks to my IT buddy, the “not-so-tech-savvy” me could now perform editing and updating tasks on the site; and Ernest got his feet wet in the field of IT compliance, vis-à-vis a brief peek into cybersecurity law to be implemented in the PRC:-

  1. Company operates with / in possession of Critical Information Infrastructure (“CII”) would need to store such CII in a locally-based server and stay local.
  2.  Critical Information Infrastructure is defined as “… in case of destruction, loss of function or theft / leakage of the same will undermine national security, national economy and people’s livelihood or public interest…”
  3.  For ISP –> more stringent controls on “real-name” requirements; net users won’t be able to hide behind the veil of anonymity.
  4.  The law to take effect officially on 1st June 2017; it’s expected – as typical of initial phase of implementation of new regulations — that there will be tailoring-on-the-fly to further refine and define the operating framework. So, stay tune!

Honesty is the Best Policy

From an early age, we are repeatedly taught to be honest, to do no harm; In the business world, we are constantly reminded that Ethics (following the rules) and Integrity (doing the right things) are the essential behaviours that breed success.

Conventional wisdom seems to tell us that the main drive in sustaining success or maintaining consistency of any sort is to brush up on (even fix up) the basics, continuously…

From the corridors of power of a Fortune 500 MNC… to the exterior wall of a school located in an island with roughly 600 inhabits… There should be a banner/poster that reads: “Honesty is the Best Policy”, or a similar simple and on-point slogan that reinforces emphasis on ethics and integrity – the basis of sustainable success.