So, I was selling #roastedgoose @ Lexology Live 2022! 😋 nah, kidding… 😝

This year, White Hat Guys‘ conference theme is based on the 10-80-10 rule to ethics:

(i) There’s always an unruly #goose wreaking havoc within an organization (reference to “The Untitled Goose Game”).

(ii) A disruptive goose is almost always juxtaposed with an incorruptible angel.

(iii) the 80% in the middle, per the Goose – Angel spectrum: represents lost little sheeps…

Which way would the majority eventually lean is largely dependent on how leadership handles the non-compliant staff and behavior.

Option 1: clean it, roast it, publicly display it? TBH, some serious transgressions do warrant such drastic measures… 🦆🔥

Option 2 (preferred): adopt an #esg focused mindset, especially on the “G” (governance) aspect: creating impactful communication; ensuring process transparency and consistency. 🤝

Interested to learn more about launching ESG initiatives in an engaging manner? How about creating legal and compliance contents that are sticky?

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Can you feel the FORCE?!

Simply grateful to have the chance to collaborate with team @ Guradforce!

Thanks again for your trust and active participation, making the whole creative process so much more efficient and, above all, FUN!!!

Hope your colleagues find the content delivery refreshing, hence maximizing message stickiness!

Here are some behind the scenes shots!

Wishing everyone a tremendous start to 2022 and let’s continue to #putthecoolincoompliance !

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Dude! Compliance communications and training are seriously BORING!

Heck no! White Hat Guys can really put the COOL in COOmpLiance! 

We believe Innovation is Communication!

Click Play and checkout the latest White Hat Guys exhibition booth concept @ C-Integrity: Hong Kong Series and the creative process behind the latest compliance #mnemonic: Serious Gourmet Treats – guaranteed to spice up compliance conceptualization with your team! 

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Special thanks to:

Jeffrey Teh for inviting me to take part in C-Integrity

Timothy Chua @ Sketch Post for the awesome animiation

Judie Shen for dropping by the booth!

Maree Myscough for your awesome support and donning (not to mention totally SLAYING) the official White Hat Guys’ garb!

Davyd Wong for your THUMB’S UP on Serious Gourmet Treats!

Donna McGrath for noticing the #OliviaPope reference in our ZOOM intro-call and ROCKING the #whitehat look!


I met Katja, a dynamic, full of life Compliance Expert, in mid-2018 at a compliance summit.

The two of us hit it off right away: she told me that she works for a global hotel chain and is looking for a fresh approach in communicating compliance concepts / principles to her colleagues at 2019 kick-off meeting.

I showed Katja various props that I had created for previous compliance training sessions; they all have two common objectives:-

  • Visualize abstract legal/compliance concepts, even making them tangible; and
  • Create engaging narrative and messages that stick

Cliché as it may sound; Katja’s eyes were fixed on “the ring”; specifically, a miniature circular floatation device aptly called the “Think… so you won’t sink” life ring.  A company’s code of conduct and ethical operational guidelines are inscribed on the life ring’s surface; the twist is that they are chiefly expressed by relatable illustrations rather than by words.

I am thankful that Katja finds the “floatie” concept intriguing.  She and her team then went on their own creative process to craft a ring that is not only bright and shiny, but also offers practical guidance to her colleagues to stay afloat charting growth through sometimes choppy corporate waters.

Let’s continue to PUT the COOL in COOmpLiance!

Conformité très cool!

Yup, plugging #putthecoolincoompliance again!

Thanks #messefrankfurt / #IGNITE奕格 for the invite to International Anti-Bribery Summit!

Insightful sharing session with Mr. Johnson Ma, Mr. GUO Nan, Mr. Markus Asshoff and Prof. CHEN Wenjun

Left to right: Mr. Johnson Ma (Dow Jones); Mr. GUO Nan (China Corporate Compliance Alliance); Professor CHEN Wenjun (Fudan University); Mr. Markus Asshoff (Messrs. Taylor Wessing); and White Hat Guy (WHY am I face-palming?!)

The ultimate highlight is meeting Mr. Frédéric Pierucci, the author of “The American Trap



White Hat Guys will be @ the 16th ALB Hong Kong In-House Legal Summit to be held on 12th September 2019 @ the JW Marriott in Admiralty, Hong Kong!

Do drop by and let’s collide our hunches on how to keep things FLUID + FRESH + COOL in your organization’s Compliance Journey!

To all movie buffs:

Bring that cinema addiction of yours to the White Hat Guys booth! A small bottle of “Fun Fluid” will be awarded if you can answer 2 out of 2 movie trivia questions! So, hurry, while stocks last!

What’s next? Emojis to describe our chaotic world…

Control Risk’s Risk Map 2019

I am always intrigued by simple + eye-catching + ON POINT communications…

How many global events (some of them more like… havoc…? 🤔) could you identify? 

I could see:-

(1) Turkey’s spectacular growth and (equally spectacular) debt story; (2) EU break-up; (3) “The Wall” (now more like a fence?) being built in the US; (4) Brexit; (5) India election; (6) Brazil decides to be more transparent; (7) The Chinese Firewall showing cracks (larger picture: CyberSecurity risk…); (8) Chaos in Iran; (9) Saudi Arabi’s flying economy; (10) Vietnam’s growth story…

What can you see?

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Keep COOL and be a FAN of #COOmpLiance!

Extremely honour to be on the “Handling Crisis Management and Safeguarding Corporate Reputation during Regulatory Investigations” panel @ ALB 2018 Anti-Corruption Forum!


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Also, 1st time showcasing White Hat Guy’s “Booth 2.0” (quite literally a changing bench – it’s time to change the game, change the way in communicating compliance topics

The slogan for the day was: Let’s Leverage the COOmpLiance Advantage…  and have a BEVERAGE!

Sweatin’ over Compliance Issues? Take a CHILL PILL!

If it wasn’t for LinkedIn’s notification, I would have completely missed the 1st anniversary of White Hat Guys…

In 2017, White Hat Guys had “Popped-Up” (à la Pop-Up Shop) at three Legal / Compliance Summits to promote the “Put the COOL in COOmpLiance” concept:

  1. communicate compliance topics in a succinct and engaging matter; and,
  2. most importantly, through best practice sharing

The key highlight of the inception year must be the hunches-colliding sessions with three companies that are in different industries, respectively: pharmaceutical (leading player HQ in the US), property development (HK conglomerate with strong focus on property) and insurance (listed co & Hang Seng Index Component).

I take solace in the fact that the fellow legal and compliance colleagues, with whom I have had the chance to share training experience and best practices, firmly believe that a more business-oriented and audience-friendly approach must be adopted in framing legal + compliance narratives.

Hence, the latest “CHILL PILL” idea: where vital legal / compliance / ethical concepts to be written in scrolls and inserted into the pill-shaped capsule.

So, whenever anyone is “…sweatin’ over something, just TAKE A CHILL PILL”!

Have a wonderful start of 2018!