Dude! Compliance communications and training are seriously BORING!

Heck no! White Hat Guys can really put the COOL in COOmpLiance! 

We believe Innovation is Communication!

Click Play and checkout the latest White Hat Guys exhibition booth concept @ C-Integrity: Hong Kong Series and the creative process behind the latest compliance #mnemonic: Serious Gourmet Treats – guaranteed to spice up compliance conceptualization with your team! 

Drop me a note @ guys@whitehatguys.com if you want some FREE FRIES!

LinkedIn / IG: White Hat Guys

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Special thanks to:

Jeffrey Teh for inviting me to take part in C-Integrity

Timothy Chua @ Sketch Post for the awesome animiation

Judie Shen for dropping by the booth!

Maree Myscough for your awesome support and donning (not to mention totally SLAYING) the official White Hat Guys’ garb!

Davyd Wong for your THUMB’S UP on Serious Gourmet Treats!

Donna McGrath for noticing the #OliviaPope reference in our ZOOM intro-call and ROCKING the #whitehat look!

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