So, I was selling #roastedgoose @ Lexology Live 2022! πŸ˜‹ nah, kidding… 😝

This year, White Hat Guys‘ conference theme is based on the 10-80-10 rule to ethics:

(i) There’s always an unruly #goose wreaking havoc within an organization (reference to “The Untitled Goose Game”).

(ii) A disruptive goose is almost always juxtaposed with an incorruptible angel.

(iii) the 80% in the middle, per the Goose – Angel spectrum: represents lost little sheeps…

Which way would the majority eventually lean is largely dependent on how leadership handles the non-compliant staff and behavior.

Option 1: clean it, roast it, publicly display it? TBH, some serious transgressions do warrant such drastic measures… πŸ¦†πŸ”₯

Option 2 (preferred): adopt an #esg focused mindset, especially on the “G” (governance) aspect: creating impactful communication; ensuring process transparency and consistency. 🀝

Interested to learn more about launching ESG initiatives in an engaging manner? How about creating legal and compliance contents that are sticky?

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