I met Katja, a dynamic, full of life Compliance Expert, in mid-2018 at a compliance summit.

The two of us hit it off right away: she told me that she works for a global hotel chain and is looking for a fresh approach in communicating compliance concepts / principles to her colleagues at 2019 kick-off meeting.

I showed Katja various props that I had created for previous compliance training sessions; they all have two common objectives:-

  • Visualize abstract legal/compliance concepts, even making them tangible; and
  • Create engaging narrative and messages that stick

Cliché as it may sound; Katja’s eyes were fixed on “the ring”; specifically, a miniature circular floatation device aptly called the “Think… so you won’t sink” life ring.  A company’s code of conduct and ethical operational guidelines are inscribed on the life ring’s surface; the twist is that they are chiefly expressed by relatable illustrations rather than by words.

I am thankful that Katja finds the “floatie” concept intriguing.  She and her team then went on their own creative process to craft a ring that is not only bright and shiny, but also offers practical guidance to her colleagues to stay afloat charting growth through sometimes choppy corporate waters.

Let’s continue to PUT the COOL in COOmpLiance!

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