Who Gives CHARITY a Bad Name…?

A little over 4 months have passed since the launching of the White Hat Guys community

Several key observations, thus far:-

(1) Hunches-colliding: Compliance professionals yearn for inputs from and exchanges with an external sparring partner in framing bite-size + engaging compliance narratives that stick.

(2) “Common sense” is a relative term: the word “assume” is made up of ‘ass’, ‘u’ plus ‘me’; and to avoid making an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’, compliance professionals NEVER assume that exercising sound judgment is an innate behavior; it’s something that needs to be explained plainly, reinforced rigorously and re-defined from time to time.

Last but certainly not least (and certainly MOST intriguing)…

(3) Conversation stopper: “It’s a charity…”: “Most of the compliance professionals with whom I’d spoken welcome at first White Hat Guys’ passion for injecting creative elements into compliance; quite a handful soon grow wary whenever I mention that White Hat Guys is a self-funding charitable community, which somehow casts a shadow of doubt over its level of dedication in execution, its professional capacity and, above all, its genuineness

Truth is: White Hat Guys is passionate about cultivating compliance culture and awareness, via:-

So, what gave compliance colleagues a pause? Who gave Charity a Bad Name?

Fake Charities, that’s who!

I am sure we’ve all received emails from various infamous #NigerianPrinces, as well as many other disaster / war-zone relief donation correspondences in print and online.

It’s unfortunate that the overflowing of reports concerning these scams (each of their respective modus operandi is practically identical: to take advantage of people’s generosity and compassion for others in need) is turning us into cynics or, at the very least, making us second-guessing ourselves each time something (too) genuinely good surfaces

p.s. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has created “Scamwatch” https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/ — a handy guide on how to spot and avoid such B-S-es.