Hunches-Collide of the 3rd Kind…

Meet Ernest (on left). My pal for almost 30 years. Technologist at one of the biggest i-Banks.

Ernest and I are avid Star Wars fans. We met up recently over coffee not to discuss the acting in Rogue One; but for some hunches-colliding, WhiteHatGuys-style!

My Renaissance friend’s interested to pick my brain on compliance topics; whilst I solicited his expertise to enhance the interface of

Thanks to my IT buddy, the “not-so-tech-savvy” me could now perform editing and updating tasks on the site; and Ernest got his feet wet in the field of IT compliance, vis-à-vis a brief peek into cybersecurity law to be implemented in the PRC:-

  1. Company operates with / in possession of Critical Information Infrastructure (“CII”) would need to store such CII in a locally-based server and stay local.
  2.  Critical Information Infrastructure is defined as “… in case of destruction, loss of function or theft / leakage of the same will undermine national security, national economy and people’s livelihood or public interest…”
  3.  For ISP –> more stringent controls on “real-name” requirements; net users won’t be able to hide behind the veil of anonymity.
  4.  The law to take effect officially on 1st June 2017; it’s expected – as typical of initial phase of implementation of new regulations — that there will be tailoring-on-the-fly to further refine and define the operating framework. So, stay tune!

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