Sweatin’ over Compliance Issues? Take a CHILL PILL!

If it wasn’t for LinkedIn’s notification, I would have completely missed the 1st anniversary of White Hat Guys…

In 2017, White Hat Guys had “Popped-Up” (à la Pop-Up Shop) at three Legal / Compliance Summits to promote the “Put the COOL in COOmpLiance” concept:

  1. communicate compliance topics in a succinct and engaging matter; and,
  2. most importantly, through best practice sharing

The key highlight of the inception year must be the hunches-colliding sessions with three companies that are in different industries, respectively: pharmaceutical (leading player HQ in the US), property development (HK conglomerate with strong focus on property) and insurance (listed co & Hang Seng Index Component).

I take solace in the fact that the fellow legal and compliance colleagues, with whom I have had the chance to share training experience and best practices, firmly believe that a more business-oriented and audience-friendly approach must be adopted in framing legal + compliance narratives.

Hence, the latest “CHILL PILL” idea: where vital legal / compliance / ethical concepts to be written in scrolls and inserted into the pill-shaped capsule.

So, whenever anyone is “…sweatin’ over something, just TAKE A CHILL PILL”!

Have a wonderful start of 2018!

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